Sunday, 16 February 2014

This woodcut is of a Landknecht soldier - originally a name used for Swabian soldiers. These soldiers wore colourful uniforms and became mercenary soldiers with a formidable reputation. The term Landser (German soldier) derives from Landsknect. Heinrich Himmler often used the name Landknecht in his personal letters.

Leaning over the fence is an image of death -  a reference to the conditions of Europe at the time, mass starvation, feudal laws and peasant war. The soldier walks past but looks the other way. On the wall a small plaque with Georg Sluyterman's initials.  

The quotation is by Ulrich von Hutton (21 April 1488 – 29 August 1523) - 

Frei will ich bleiben
und achte den Tod nicht. 

I want to stay free
pay no attention to the death

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