Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hilf dir selbst dann hilft dir auch unser herre Gott!

Help yourself and God will help you.
(Folk Saying / proverb)

This excellent woodcut by Sluyterman (1936) shows another Peasant Revolt farmer - armed with a mace. The Wolfsangel was a symbol that Hermann Löns made popular in his classic novel 'The Warwolf'. 

Hermann Löns pencil sketch by Slutyerman

Der Wehrwolf novel with Wolf-hook

During the Second World War, the allies used some of Sluytermans art in their own propaganda campaign against the German people. This one such leaflet that the RAF littered Germany with. The first two lines read -

Die deutsch fuhrung hilft dir nicht. man sagt euch es fehle am rechten kampfgeist.

The German leadership does not help you.They say you lacked the right fighting spirit.

 link to further reading (Italian site)

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